Friday, January 02, 2009

Update from the Studio

For those of you who did not know, we have been sequestered in the studio since Tuesday working diligently to record our first real demo.  We first started talking about going into the studio to record almost a year ago, but the issue was placed on the back burner as we saved up money and solidified our line up after a few of the original members moved on to other things.  One of our main priorities was to record a few of the original songs that Martin and Devin have written, as well as showcasing Christina and Jeff’s voices in some of our traditional songs.  A few weeks ago we picked out five songs to record, and then on the first day of recording we managed to convince the studio engineer to let us record a sixth song.  So on the 30th of December we started laying down the framework for Rover’s Hornpipe, Through the Storm, Wear the Green, Wild Mountain Thyme, Black Velvet Band and Wild Rover.  As things stand now we have managed to finish laying down the bass, drums, violin, banjo, lead vocals and half of our back ground vocals for all of the songs.  This leaves us one and a half days to finish the acoustic guitar, electric guitar and accordion, it will be cutting it close but we will make it!  We cannot tell you how excited we are about the prospect of getting these six songs finished and having them available for our fans before the high holy Irish holiday of Saint Patrick’s Day!

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