Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Accordion Society Performance

Look at that perddy red-hot accordion!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hey Rover Fans!!

So the Rovers are looking forward to an active summer.
We have a few gigs lined up, so far.

We will be playing at the Bay Area Accordion Society towards the end of June, then in July at the 4th of July parade in Aptos. We will also be at the Poet and Patriot a few times as well.

Finally, A big congrats to The Rio Rockers. They rocked the house at Don Quixote's last Friday night. Nice works guys!

We look forward to seeing you at these gigs.
The Wild Rovers

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wear the Green

Not too long ago I was inspired to write a song about the Irish and their quest for freedom, faith and hope for the future. Wear the Green touches on the trials and struggles that Ireland has endured. The adventurous faith journey of St. Patrick introduces the song’s first verse, followed by the famed patriots of Irish History and their battle for Irish freedom from England’s tyranny. After editing the song over time, we decided to drop the 3rd verse exploring the exploits of CĂșchulainn and the mythology of old, because of the song’s length. My favorite part of the song is the Bridge, which touches on the pain and suffering of war and the cry for justice. The Irish legacy of denominational strife, war and bloodshed are a painful chapter of Christianity. The very core and key command was when Jesus taught us: “To love one another, as I have loved you.” That is a difficult command to follow, at times when we consider what Jesus endured for us. The final verse describes the longing of many faith traditions: A new heaven and new Earth where suffering and tears are “wiped away.” I am encouraged by the recent peace the Protestants and Catholics are experiencing and the breaking away from the needless killing of each other.

The song broke away from the traditional Celtic sound and explored a fusion of a punkish, countryish sound. Are those words? Devin Avey, our lead guitarist, came up with catchy hooks and a unique solo that drives and diversifies the song. The Wild Rovers took this song and its foundations and made it driving and rocking. The final piece that brought it together was Dan’s drumming. Over time this song developed into one of our better ones because our consistent desire to make it the best it could be. Here are the lyrics below. Feel free to comment, or give suggestions. I am still developing in my song-writing ability and look forward to the next inspiration. If you would like to hear the song it is on our cd, which is also on myspace at:
You can also see a decent Youtube at:


We wear the green for Patrick and his call
To share the light of Christ on through the fog
Kidnapped by Irish pirates a shepherd slave of youth
He escaped yet to return to bring the Irish the truth

We wear the green for our freedom
Put it on for the Irish old and new
And bear it for California
Yah we don it with our red, white and blue

We wear the green for the patriots of old
Like Delary and his key to spring his fold
Robert Emmet’s rising de Valera’s brave crew
Michael Collin’s fury to cut the English noose

We wear the green for the new world coming soon
Like the rain upon the grass before its hewn
All those tears be wiped away and all things will made new
Living water for the thirsty like the rising sun at noon

Wear the green for the unseen
Innocent trampled by war
For the oppressed chained distress
Not knowing what for
Let justice pour like the rain through the storm
Let justice pour like the rain through the storm

Friday, January 02, 2009

Update from the Studio

For those of you who did not know, we have been sequestered in the studio since Tuesday working diligently to record our first real demo.  We first started talking about going into the studio to record almost a year ago, but the issue was placed on the back burner as we saved up money and solidified our line up after a few of the original members moved on to other things.  One of our main priorities was to record a few of the original songs that Martin and Devin have written, as well as showcasing Christina and Jeff’s voices in some of our traditional songs.  A few weeks ago we picked out five songs to record, and then on the first day of recording we managed to convince the studio engineer to let us record a sixth song.  So on the 30th of December we started laying down the framework for Rover’s Hornpipe, Through the Storm, Wear the Green, Wild Mountain Thyme, Black Velvet Band and Wild Rover.  As things stand now we have managed to finish laying down the bass, drums, violin, banjo, lead vocals and half of our back ground vocals for all of the songs.  This leaves us one and a half days to finish the acoustic guitar, electric guitar and accordion, it will be cutting it close but we will make it!  We cannot tell you how excited we are about the prospect of getting these six songs finished and having them available for our fans before the high holy Irish holiday of Saint Patrick’s Day!