Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Wild Rovers are at it again.

Hello folks. The Wild ROvers will be playing this Saturday night, July 22 at Brittania Arms @9:00. Come join us for some fun times and good music. I promise you will have a fun time. By the end of the night you'll be singing along with us.

As far as this summer we have continued to perfect most of our songs, while even adding in 6 new ones you'll grow to love. We have talked about making a CD but it is hard for all seven of us to get together and do it. But it is next on our list. We will continue to play gigs here and there. At least 1 a month for now. I am sorry to say the our Bassist Jorn will be moving on for the summer and he will not be playing with us for a awhile. So we need another bassist. Know any let us know. But we will miss Jorn.
See ya at the Brit.

P.S. Brittania Arms is located in Aptos, Ca. In Aptos village. Email for directions.