Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Rover Year 2008

Rover Fans,

Thanks to all of you that showed up at Britannia Arms for our Christmas show. It was good to have you there. We hope you enjoyed the new live CD. It featured some great performances from Christina Cree, John Davies and Martin Sweet with his new songs.

Make sure you catch the Rovers on KPIG 107.5 on Sunday,Jan 8 @ 10:00am. Then on Friday, January 19, @ 9:00 at the ever famous Don Quixote's with a surprise special guest.

Don't miss Don Quixote's it would be great to have you there.

The Wild Rovers

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JDW said...

Would love to come see the show if my cousin John Davies will be playing... John, will you be there?
xo Jennifer