Sunday, June 10, 2007


Hey Wild Rovers fans,
This summer we have many new gigs lined up. We've been asked to play at the Crows Nest for their beach BBQ on July 12. That will be a fun time for family. We will be right on the beach. Also we will be playing at Brookdale lodge in Ben Lomond, We will be there on Friday, Aug 3. We have been practicing a few new songs. Christine Cree will be singing some classic Gaelic songs as well. Lots of fun this summer. Come join us this summer for some fun Irish music.

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Anonymous said...

This young group of entertainer showed up a Don Quiote's with skate boads and terrorized anyone walking down the sidewalk before their performance -The sheriff was called ,but didn't show up until an hour later - NO ADULT SUPERVISION WHAT SO EVER No respect for other merchants
The nightclub was turned into a playground -Don't expect them back