Tuesday, August 29, 2006

WIld Rovers had a successful gig. :)

Our Zeldas gig was a blast. Sun, friends, beer and music what more can you ask for? We had a busy day playing at Zeldas on the deck. Many friends and family turned out. As well new listeners that heard our music from down the street. We had lots of positive feedback from the lunch and dinner crowds. Fortunately we will be playing there again next month. :)

Then on to Crows Nest in October. I think we have really grown, and so have our fans. We will be putting together a demo CD within a few months.

Any feedback from our fans would be greatly appreciated. A song you would like to hear, or whatever comes to mind. Let us know.
Wild Rovers

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Blinding Light said...

Hey I saw you guys at Jeff's 30th B-Day party. You guys rocked! When is your next show, it doesent have a date on here.